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It is very easy to start trading! Simply choose one of the accounts Classic or Classic NDD and take a few minutes to register.

The Classic Account is chosen by traders, who are ready to trade without assistance. It is also popular among those, who work with the PAMM service or Share4you.

For regular users and stable profit

Execution type Instant Market
Execution speed ?Avg. execution speed is calculated on actual data of all trades execution time on particular type of account and is updated on weekly basis. It does not include the internet connection latency from client terminal to our trading server, which can vary depending on trader’s internet connection quality and speed.
Min. price change (tick) 0.0001 0.00001
Pip 0.0001
Spread ?Spread is a difference between ASK and BID price, is displayed in points (or pips). On a different account types spread can be Fixed or Variable (market). Fixed from 2 pips Variable from 0.1 pip
Commissions No commission 8 USD per lot
Trading instruments Forex, CFD’s, Commodities Forex, Commodities
Leverage ?Leverage is a ratio between amount of deposit and sum of available trades. Leverage allows to operate funds that are 10 (1:10), 100 (1:100), 200 (1:200), or 500 (1:500) times larger than the initial deposit. Please note that the larger the leverage, the larger are trading risks. From 1:10 to 1:1000
Swap-free accounts ?Swap operations (also called as Overnights) are the payment for transferring an open position overnight. May be both positive and negative. The night from Wednesday to Thursday triples the payment. No
Personal manager ?Personal manager will consult You for further questions, requests and provides personal assistance. The working hours of personal managers are from 07:00 to 16:00 GMT. In order to request personal manager, You need to write a request to indicating Your account number. The request should be sent from registered email address. Deposit from 10 000 USD
Minimum lot 0.01
Maximum lot 200
Minimum step 0.01
Maximum orders 500
Margin Call level ?Margin call level (level of required margin) – ratio (of the total of balance and floating profit deducting floating loss) to a marginal requirement (deposit) expressed in percentages. A margin call prevents clients from having a negative balance in their accounts. 100%
Stop Out level ?Stop Out level – required margin level. If equity has reached this level, orders are closed forcibly until the margin level is up to the minimum. Please note that our company uses Stop Out level to decrease own risks of clients going to a negative balance. Stop Out level should not be used by clients as a part of risk management strategy – stop loss orders must be used instead. 20%
Limit & stop levels From one spread From 2 pips
Storage time of history 6 months No limit
VIP accounts ?VIP account status and individual approach can be applied to accounts starting from 50 000 USD deposit. No Yes
Bonus program Yes
Open an account Open an account
Benefits for all account types:
Account currency: USD or EUR
Hedging and scalping allowed
All EA’s (robots) allowed
News and forecasts from Dow Jones (UK)
Analyses and signals from Trading Central (US)
MetaTrader4 platform
Spread as low as 0.1 pip
Average withdrawal time – 2.5 hours