Managed accounts – PAMM

PAMM (“Percentage Allocation Money Management”) – brings investors and traders together so that investors can use traders’ expertise, and traders can provide a forex managed account service to investors.

Our PAMM system manages all the investments and transfers between investors and traders automatically. This is our guarantee to you of the reliability, security and transparency of all the activities within the system.

Our commitment to you is world class forex trading conditions and support to help you maximize the returns on your investment.  Your success is our success! And we want to do everything we can to make your forex experience highly profitable, whether you’re a trader, an investor or both.

Benefits for traders:

  • Increase the total amount of capital you can trade with
  • Reduce requirements for leverage and therefore reduce trading risk
  • Attract an unlimited number of investors and investments
  • Receive your income automatically every week

Benefits for investors:

  • Earn from operations in the forex market without any direct action
  • Entrust your funds to an already successful trader
  • Diversify your investments and reduce investment risk by selecting more than one trader/trading approach for your money
  • Receive your income automatically every week

If you are used to trade on cent accounts, you can open a PAMM account in cents and try PAMM service with the orders 100 times smaller.

PAMM makes life simple for forex investors and opens up new opportunities for forex traders. Sign up for a PAMM Investor account or a PAMM Trader account today!

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