PAMM for traders

A PAMM Trader account makes it possible to manage one or several investor funds. It`s a partnership where an investor brings the capital to be invested and the trader brings the time and the expertise to manage the investments.

PAMM Account

  • Unlimited income using investors’ capital
  • Fully transparent service
  • Fully automated service
  • Increase total capital at any time
Execution type Instant order execution, with requotes
Avg. execution speed ?Avg. execution speed is calculated on actual data of all trades execution time on particular type of account and is updated on monthly basis. It does not include the internet connection latency from client terminal to our trading server, which can vary depending on trader’s internet connection quality and speed.
Spread Fixed from 2 pips
Leverage From 1:10 to 1:500
Margin From 0.2% to 10 %
Minimum lot 0.01 lot
Maximum lot 10 lots, for PAMM Cent 100* (1) lots
Margin Call level 50%
Stop Out level 20%
Limit & stop levels From one spread
Maximum orders 100 (inlcuding pending orders)
Storage time of history No limit
Minimal capital 100 USD for each PAMM account opened. ?When opening a PAMM account you will be asked to state the trading account from which you want the funds to be taken. This account will then remain linked to the PAMM account as its host-account for money deposit or withdrawal.
Account currency EUR or USD
Maximum capital Not limited
Income from your management Calculation consists of two formulas: total PAMM Trader’s trading profit + performance fee. Example of calculation
Add funds Possible at any moment using the “add funds” option.
Minimal investor’s deposit 20 USD
Withdraw funds After end of the trading interval your income is automatically transferred to your host-account. In order to withdraw the initial deposit you need to close your Investment account.
Max number of investor’s accounts for one PAMM trader account Not limited
Attraction of other investors Possible at any time for existing and also new PAMM accounts.
Bonus program No
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* – Forex4you Cent account group is using Cent lot (or Cent lot) which is equivalent to 100’000 cents, or 1’000 base currency units (e.g. 1 cent lot for EUR/USD is 100’000 EUR cents or 1’000 EUR).

PAMM opens up new opportunities for forex traders. As the trader, you define the offer you want to present to your potential investors:

  • the level of the investor`s minimal investment
  • the performance fee the investor is to pay you
  • the period for which the agreement is valid (the trading interval)

Investors who like your performance and accept your offer can then enter into an agreement for you to manage their forex activity for them.

Why should you be interested in attracting investors to your trading account? Because you can then make bigger trades and more profit as you keep a percentage of the profit you make for investors.

Our PAMM system manages all the investments and transfers between investors and traders automatically. This is our guarantee to you of the reliability, security and transparency of all the activities within the system.

Please note in order to use PAMM services your account should be verified.