Bonus program up to 25% on deposit

Conditions of the bonus program

We reward our frequent foreign exchange traders by offering them bonuses. You can get back up to 17.5% of the spread* if you generate a required turnover on your account. It’s a great opportunity to earn even more!

Please note that possible amount of bonus will vary from 5% to 25%. In the presence of credit bonus on account, sum equivalent to double amount of credit bonus is blocked for transfers, withdrawals and deposits to PAMM-service.

How does the bonus program work

Step 1. On funding your trading account in the Trader Room, you will be able to choose % the credit bonus. It is important to note that the larger percentage you choose, the higher trading turnover you must have on your account. The bonus is added to your account in the form of a credit. The credit will let you have a larger trade volume.

For example, after you put funds on your account, your balance is $ 1000. If you choose 25%, the total amount of your trades will be $ 1250. Your balance = $ 1,000 + 25% (bonus) = $ 1250.

Step 2. You’re trading for three months and forming a trading turnover on your account. For each trade, you receive a share of the spread. For example, 1 Lot for EUR/USD has a pips price of 10 USD and the spread is 2 pips. So it makes total spread price as 20 USD and 17,5% goes back to your Credit Bonus return. For this order you will get 3.5 USD (20 USD * 0.175) as cash-back for the Credit Bonus.
Step 3. Thus, a part of the commission of each trade is summed up and once the sum of all transactions reaches the bonus amount (in our example, $250), a real bonus will be automatically credited to your account. If you have more than one active bonus, the bonus, which was submitted first, will be applied first.

Choose your bonus level

  • When you add funds in Trader Room, select a bonus level between 5% and 25%
  • The higher the bonus level, the more forex trading you have to do to qualify
  • The bonus will show up as a credit on your currency trading account

Keep trading for up to three months

  • You can’t trade or withdraw your bonus until you reach the forex trading target
  • Once you reach the target, the funds will be credited permanently to your account
  • You can check your forex trading and bonus status at any time in Trader Room

Only five active bonuses at any time

  • If you deposit further funds, we will not credit a sixth bonus
  • Trades are applied to the first bonus until its target is reached, and then the second
  • If you have more than one currency trading account, you still can’t exceed the bonus limit
  • If you do, we may suspend you from the bonus program

We also make special gifts to bonus program members, such as returning foreign exchange commission or offering additional forex bonuses, so register today!

Please note that according to MT4 trading platform’s features, MTP (Minimum trade points) are being used for our Bonus programs for all account types.

Please note that Pro STP account doesn’t have bonus program.

Additional Information

The following bonus program codes may appear on your forex market account:

Code Meaning
Credit Bonus N % In N% bonus has been credited (credit operation)
Credit Bonus N % Out N% bonus has been used (credit operation)
Debit Bonus N % In Receipt for used N% bonus (balance operation)
Credit Bonus N % Expired N% bonus has expired as terms were not met (credit operation)
Credit Bonus N % Cancelled N% bonus has been cancelled as money was withdrawn
Credit Stop Out Forced order closing because funds in the account are equal to 110% of the credit bonus. As well, during this operation, there was a cancellation of all credit bonuses.

Please note that this program is an additional service, so the company has the right to refuse the bonus program to any customer for any reason.

If you have any questions about our bonus program, please contact our Customer Support department who will kindly help you by phone +442071939932, by e-mail or by LIVE CHAT

* Please note that Forex4you has rights to make special offerings and gifts to customers  – return till 50% of spread sum, offer 10 active bonuses or an immediate return of comission! Register in our bonus program, and maybe you will become the lucky one!