E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc is committed to providing a high standard of service to all our clients on every occasion. However if arises a situation when the client reasonably believes that E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc as a result of any action or failure to act may not meet client’s expectation, the client has the right to file a complaint about any aspect of the service provided by E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.

In order to make sure that complaint can be investigated and resolved as quickly as possible, please make sure you provide the following information:

  • Your full name and account number;
  • A clear description of the issue experienced;
  • Copies of any relevant documents (for example emails sent by or to you);
  • Your contact e-mail address.

E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc will review client’s claim for best solution to bring client satisfaction with the service. Client will receive a response with details of the actions company is proposing or has taken within 14 days.