Are you just learning trading and do not know where to start? Or maybe you want to save your time and gather all trading opportunities in one place?

Make your trading simple with Autochartist! Specially developed software constantly analyzes markets and automatically defines trade points basing on resistance and support levels. You will be informed as soon as the trading opportunity will be identified.

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Why Autochartist?

  • Save your time – automatic system will analyze markets for you.
  • You can be confident now in choosing right moment to enter the market.
  • System will provide you with trading signals – the most probable directions where price could move.
  • Statistics, gathered for the last six month would allow you to review all successful and not successful trading patterns.
  • Autochartist could be used with other systems of technical analysis in MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • You will be always informed about major economics news and significant market movements.

Autochartist features:

Chart patterns

Chart patterns – huge section of technical analysis that every trader need to learn and it could take some time and a lot of experience in markets. Autochartist will help you not only by showing how chart patterns look like, but it will constantly teach you how to identify patterns in trading.

Fibonacci patterns

Identification of Fibonacci Patterns using Autochartist is automatic, with help of visual illustration of the levels at which resistance and support is expected with assumption of the Golden Ratio theory. These levels could play key role during setting trading operation, for example – when stop loss or take profit parameters are needed to be set. Apart from retracements, straight forward extensions, Autochartist also can determine patterns that only in the status of forming. These features could help and emphasize to traders that are using Fibonacci where they need to take a closer look and focus on future trading opportunities.

Key levels

Horizontal lines of resistance and support are also known as key levels. With time, market participants fit in their decisions points linearly so the point of price at which they can buy or sell could be proportionally lower or higher with time. However, with Key levels price level could stay the same all along the line.

Autochartist chart Autochartist chart

Volatility analysis

Volatility analysis feature of Autochartist is a tool kit that will help you in analyzing volatilities of symbol in the past. This could provide you with insights of identity of the symbol in terms of its volatility – it obviously can help you in setting stop levels, e.g. You can always upgrade your trading strategy in terms of predicting what is the best and what is the worst time to trade.

Quality indicators

There are five different quality indicators for chart patterns, 4 of the 5 measure their visual quality. They evaluate the pattern’s characteristics, which you see on the chart. As traders gain more experience in the use of the chart patterns, they learn to instantly notice these visual characteristics. But, for traders, who are just starting to work with price figures, these indicators may be very useful for making trading decisions.

Market Reports

The Autochartist market reports are automatically generated using specially designed software that recognizes graphic figures (patterns). Market Report can be compared with the technical analysis made by the expert, which eliminates any bias. Managers can also benefit from using the Autochartist market reports, as investors will be able to see that the manager is really paying attention to what is happening in the market throughout the day.

Emerging patterns

Because of the nature of the principles of chart patterns identification with the Autochartist’s recognition system that allows to find chart patterns instantly when they touch the last point or resistance and support lines that are required to complete the shape of the pattern. It means that shape of pattern has been already identified but will support or resistance lines to be broken through – we do not have the answer now.

This is the main difference between forming and full pattern – when an forming pattern is determined, price could be between the resistance and support line, but if the pattern is full, that means the price was broken through these lines.


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  • Forex4you has no responsibility for the trading results of clients that are using information from Autochartist.
  • Forex4you is not responsible for any inaccuracies, incompleteness of the data provided by Autochartist.