Technical analysis from Trading Central

Trading Central – is an independent analytic company. They have created and using a unique technical analysis, which is based on years of researches and developments.

Technical analysis from Trading Central includes:

  • A chartist approach to assess directional moves and price targets
  • Mathematical indicators to confirm initial thoughts and fine tune timings
  • Japanese candlesticks to confirm trend reversal or acceleration

We are providing analysis from Trading Central for 6 major currency pairs


Access to technical analysis is grant to every Forex4you clients

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How to get analytics from Trading Central:

How to read and use Trading Central reports

Each report from Trading Central provides text analysis and chart image:

Green lines – resistance lines

Red lines – support lines

Blue line – alternative scenario line, if price reached this level use alternative scenario

Also, the graph indicates a preference, alternative price movement and technical indicators such as RSI or MACD