Forex news feed

You can subscribe currency market FX Select newsfeed on our web-site. It includes:
  • “instant” titles;
  • currency market reports (detailed resume of trades on biggest markets including Hong-Kong, London and New York);
  • comments on key-currencies positions;
  • financial market news (reports and comments of all the factors influencing high-liquid short-term instruments);
  • subject reviews concerning Fed, ECB, Bank of England and Bank of Japan;
  • details of central banks politician speeches, political and legislation news, foreign trade negotiations;
  • questions of government regulation;
  • detailed analysis of economic cycles and all major factors making the currence rates move. Influence of macroeconomic indicators to the USA and World economic activity is also evaluated;
  • about 200 items of news per day.

How to define analytics in the newsfeed

Please, pay attention to the titles. Usually news is published as titles only at first, then an extended comment is made.

Instant titles without a content are marked with “*” in the beginning.

For example: *DJ Dollar Falls Below INR45; Last Seen Nov 15

In the article/review/comment there is a theme stated in the beginning, then after a colon follows the title itself.

Brokers’ comments are called DJ Market Talk and are as following:

DJ MARKET TALK: EUR/USD A Sell At Current Levels Above 1.33-Dealer

Subject reviews concerning Fed, ECB, Bank of England and Bank of Japan:

DJ FED WATCH: Bad Jobs Data Won’t Resolve Argument Over QE2 Potency

DJ BOE WATCH: UK Economic Outlook Depends On Global Cooperation

DJ ECB WATCH: Hopes Of More Bond Buys Set Up Rerun Of May Debacle

DJ BOJ WATCH: BOJ To Discuss Asset-Buy Program As Post-FOMC Yen Moves Eyed

DJ FOCUS: Weak Pound Yet To Boost UK Exports, Help Rebalancing

Technical analyses in defined by following:

DJ CHARTING MARKETS: Gold Futures Pointed Higher

DJ European Forex Technicals: AUD Basing Versus USD


Analytics and macroeconomic indicators evaluations usually are quite big articles and can be presented as following:

DJ BIG PICTURE: US Jobs Report Dulls Evidence Of Economic Recovery


DJ MONEY TALKS: Threat Of Tougher FX Measures Fades In Thailand

DJ FOREX FOCUS: Watch Out For Fiscal Pitfalls

DJ FOREX WEEK AHEAD: Sovereign Debt Woes To Keep Shadowing Euro

DJ FOREX VIEW: Mongolian Tugrik Bests Dollar Rivals

DJ WORLD FOREX: Dollar Falls Broadly On Weak US Jobs Data

DJ EURONOMICS: German Crisis Plan Deepens Irish Bond Angst

DJ INTERVIEW: BOT Official: Politics Muddies Rate Hike Decision

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