Currency codes

Currency codes are digital and symbolic designations of currencies defined by ISO 4217 international standard.

Symbolic codes of national currencies consist of two signs determining the name of a country by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard and the first letter of the currency title.

There is a three-digit code for every national currency.

Standard codes used in informational systems to define various indicators:

Currency Code
Alphabetic Digital
Australian Dollar AUD 036
Austrian Schilling ATS 040
Belgian Franc BEF 056
British Pound GBP 826
Canadian Dollar CAD 124
Czech Koruna CZK 203
Danish Krone DKK 208
Dutch Guilder NLG 528
Estonian Kroon EEK 233
Euro EUR 978
Finnish Mark FIM 246
French Franc FRF 250
German Mark DEM 276
Greek Drachma GRD 300
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 344
Hungarian Forint HUF 348
Irish Punt IEP 372
Italian Lira ITL 380
Japanese Yen JPY 392
Latvian Lat LVL 428
Lithuanian Lita LTL 440
Mexican Peso MXN 484
New Zealand Dollar NZD 554
Norway Krone NOK 578
Polish Zloty PLN 985
Portuguese Escudo РТЕ 620
Russian Rouble RUB 643
Singapore Dollar SGD 702
Slovak Koruna SKK 703
South African Rand ZAR 710
Spanish Peseta ESP 724
Swedish Krona SEK 752
Swiss Franc CHF 756
Ukraine Hryvnia UAH 980
United States Dollar USD 840