Mobile Forex trading

Everybody knows traders are normal people who can’t spend their time at the computer non-stop. They sometimes inevitably need to leave their trading terminal. On the other hand, the world of currency markets is unpredictable, and who knows – maybe right as you leave the market presents a favorable situation that would allow you to make a great profit if you could make a decision on the spot.

There is a way out. Now you can trade using your own cell phone! This is possible thanks to a mobile version of the trading terminal, which may be installed on any PDA or smartphone. If you have such a device, you will be able to monitor your trading account, follow your trading area at anytime and anywhere: out with friends, in a traffic jam, resting in the countryside or wherever else you like.

The latest version of the mobile terminal gives you:
  • The state of all trading orders
  • Most analysis tools
  • All available graph periods
  • A number of trading signals
  • Financial news online

A considerable advantage of both mobile and desktop terminals is their complete compatibility. For instance, you open an account (real or demo) on you PDA and can then use it from a desktop computer, and vice verse. All you need to begin mobile trading is to open an account and specify the data in the PDA or smartphone terminal.

Be careful: to work with a mobile terminal, you need a PDA with MS Windows for Pocket PC2002 or newer, or a smartphone with MS Windows Mobile for Smartphones 2003 SE or newer.

New technologies continue to penetrate our lives. A large number of advanced traders who have tested mobile trading technologies for themselves are convinced that mobile trading will take a leading role in the nearest future. Mobile transactions are convenient, try it out for yourself! Don’t miss the opportunity!