Forex4you contest Terms and Conditions

Contest Terms and Conditions

  1. To participate in contest, a cumulative deposit of at least 100 USD must be made starting from 01.05.2016

  2. Contest results for each Trader are counted starting from 16.05.2016 market open time. Example:

  3. Winners are determined based on the result of opened and closed orders during the Contest period starting from market open on 16.05.2016 and up to market close on 10.06.2016

  4. For contest purposes and balanced competition, result of open orders that are not closed will be counted as if closed at market close time on 10.06.2016 Example:

  5. Pip result of metal spots(Gold, Silver) is divided by 10 Example:

  6. In case of matching results among several participants, trader registered with the company first is nominated as the Winner of his contest category.

  7. Contest result on trading(profit in pips and trading volume) is combined from all trading accounts for each Trader(Trader Room). Example:

  8. PAMM accounts are excluded from contest and are not counted in results.

  9. Each prize can be claimed by one winner and each winner can claim only one prize. In case if one winner is eligible for prizes in several categories, the highest amount is awarded and second the best participant is chosen for other categories.

  10. To receive the prize you will need to verify your account. If the account wasn’t verified within 5 business days after the announcement of Contest results, new winner will be selected.

  11. Prize money will be credited into each winner’s trading account within 10 business days since the announcement of results.

  12. The list of the winners will be published on the Contest page on Forex4you webpage.

  13. Every winner will be contacted by the representative of the Company for follow up information.

Contest results and winners nomination

Contest prize pool of 5000 USD split into 4 different categories Prizes to be awarded to Traders who demonstrated the highest profit in pips, trading in Forex pairs and commodities or Stocks. Additional prize will be awarded to Trader for highest achieved trading volume during the Contest period.

Forex instruments and commodities

1750 USD for highest profit in pips on Classic, Classic NDD or Pro STP accounts trading in Forex pairs or commodities
1000 USD for highest profit in pips on Cent and Cent NDD accounts trading in Forex pairs or commodities


750 USD for highest profit in pips on any account trading stocks

Trading volume

1500 USD for highest achieved trading volume among all trading accounts