Instruction for Android

Installing Forex4you application

The first step

To install application you need to download Forex4you mobile trading platform.

The second step

Open the Google play on your device and search for “Forex4you”, and then select the first application in the list.

The third step

To install the application, click on “Install” button.

Log in to Forex4you Application

Start screen

At the first start of application you will the start screen. If you don’t have Trader Room in our company, you need to click the “Sign up”, button, if you already have a Trader Room then click “Login” button.

Sign up

To register your Trader Room fill all the fields and click “Register” button.

After successful registration Demo account will be automatically created.


On the login screen you can enter to your account by two ways: by entering phone number or email.

Please choose way of you entering Trader Room and after click on “Login” button.