The tweezer pattern is a two-candle pattern whose appearance at the top or bottom of a trend signifies a bearish or bullish reversal respectively. There are two varieties of the Tweezer pattern:

1) Bullish tweezer (Tweezer bottom): This is made up of a Bearish Day 1 candle and a Bullish Day 2 candle. The bearish nature of the Day 1 candle drives prices downwards so that they close almost at the lows for the time period, then this is followed by a bullish candle that goes upwards so that the prices completely reverse the bearish moves of the previous day candle.

Bullish Tweezer Pattern

In a Tweezer bottom, the lows of the Day 1 and Day 2 candles are the same.

2) Bearish tweezer (Tweezer top): This is made up of a Bullish Day 1 candle and a Bearish Day 1 candle. The Day 1 candle is bullish which signifies that buyers have driven prices up almost to the point of the highs for the time period, but the next candle is bearish and wipes off the previous candles gains because of a change in market sentiment.

Bearish Tweezer Pattern

In a Tweezer top pattern, the highs for both Day 1 and Day 2 candle are the same.