Metatrader 4 installation

Follow the instructions below to install the MetaTrader 4 terminal on your computer.
  1. Download the MetaTrader 4 installer.
  2. Execute the installer and click ‘Run’. If Windows can’t verify the publisher, click ‘Proceed anyway’.

MetaTrader 4 installation
Figure 1. Security Warning

    3. Select the installation language and click ‘Next >’.

Choose installation language
Figure 2. Installation Language

    4. Click ‘Next >’.

Informational window
Figure 3. Welcome Screen

    5. Tick the checkbox to accept the licence terms and click ‘Next >’.

License agreement
Figure 4. Licence Agreement

    6. Enter the installation directory and click ‘Next >’.

Destination directory
Figure 5. Installation Directory

    7. Select the program group and click ‘Next >’.

The group of programs
Figure 6. Program Group

    8. Click ‘Next >’ to begin the installation.

Ready for installation
Figure 7. Start Installation

    9. Wait until the files have been copied.

Coping of files
Figure 8. Copying Files

    10. Tick the checkbox and click ‘Finish’ to launch MetaTrader 4.

End of installation
Figure 9. Installation Complete

    11. Fill in the form and click ‘Next >’ to open a demo account. If you already have a demo account, click ‘Cancel’.

Demo account opening
Figure 10. Create Demo Account

    12. Choose a server and click ‘Next >’.

Choosing a server
Figure 11. Select Server

    13. Record your demo account information and press ‘Finish’.

Receiving of your account data
Figure 12. Account Information

    14. At this point, the MetaTrader 4 terminal will open and you can start trading.