New Share4you features!

Dear Share4you customers!

Half a year ago we announced launch of new auto copying service Share4you. During that time more than 1,5 mln. of orders were copied and 11.5 thousands of Followers have joined the service!

Now we have developed and implemented features, that will make service even more efficient and easy to use:

  • New profitability index (Profitability calculation is based on accumulated profit value and highest investment into the account)
  • Added full history of Leader performance with possibility to choose the period
  • Added chart of trade volume
  • Added account drawdawn history and maximum drawdawn value
  • Added chart of balance change history
  • Added chart of trade size in points
  • Added requirement of traders activity level for being shown in Leaders List
  • Added filters and sorting depending on recommended deposit
  • Added trade volume detalization by symbols
  • More copying settings ( choosing symbols and days of the week)
  • Added mirroring option
  • Implemented automatic Stop Loss option
If you have any additional questions, please contact Forex4you Customer support by phone (+442071939932), by email (info@forex4you.com) or by LIVE CHAT option.

Yours sincerely,