Conditions for Partner Contest

Conditions for Partner contest only for Asian countries – Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

  1. Partner contest will be held from 05.08.2016 till 10.10.2016
  2. Partners that meet two criteria during the partner contest (from 05.08.2016 till 10.10.2016) will take part in contest:
    1. Total deposits of all affiliated clients at least 25 000 USD.
    2. Traded volume by your affiliated clients must be 100 lots.
  3. The winner of the Partner contest is determined by the most points gained during the partner contest. To gain 1 point you need meet two criteria:
    1. Deposit 250 USD by your affiliated clients
    2. Traded volume of 1 lot by your affiliated clients
  4. Total prize pool is 35 000 USD and it is divided for two regions by 17,500 USD:
    1. 1st region: Malaysia and Indonesia
    2. 2nd region: Thailand and Vietnam
  5. Winners of the contest are top 3 in each region:
    1. First place: 10 000 USD
    2. Second place: 5 500 USD
    3. Third place: 2 000 USD
  6. Up to date rating and your place you can find in your Trader Room
    1. Rating information is updating in real time.
    2. New partners that met contest criteria will be added to the rating once a day.
  7. To receive the prize your account must be verified. If your account wasn’t verified within 5 business days after announcement of the contest results, new winner will be selected.
  8. Each winner will be checked for compliance with all rules of the contest.
  9. Forex4you reserves the exclusive rights to exclude from participation partner who violated terms of the Partner Contest and/or terms of use of the Company’s services.
  10. Prize money will be credited to the winner’s account within 10 business days since the announcement of the results.
  11. The list of the winners will be published in the news section on the Forex4you website.
  12. Every winner will be contacted by the representative of the Company.