Partner program “Pro STP Markup”

Earn more by referring traders not yet familiar with Forex4you service to register Pro STP accounts. You can be sure this is a cooperation that will pay off!

Partner program “Pro STP Markup” allows you to determine commission value for your clients! You can choose among following clients commission: $5, $10, $18, $33, $43 or $53 per standard lot, where $3 is fixed commission by our Company, and the rest amount is your partner reward.

On registration, every client, attracted trough Pro STP Markup program will be informed of additional trading conditions. After registration client will see an indicator of additional commission in his “Dashboard”.

Advantages of partner program “Pro STP Markup”
  • Determine the size of partner reward for Pro STP accounts
  • Easy registration with no need to invest funds
  • Personal manager who will answer all your questions regarding partnership
  • Complete statistic for your affiliate account in Trader Room
  • Notification on your email address about new registrations
  • A wide range of promotional tools to attract clients

Choose level of your partner reward, open partner account and start to attract clients

If your attracted clients would use other types of accounts for trading, you will receive the following partner reward:

  • 65% of spread for Cent and Classic accounts
  • 65% of spread and commissions for Cent NDD and Classic NDD accounts

IMPORTANT! Commission for Pro STP accounts is being calculated in the base currency. Examples mentioned above show client commission for currency pairs, where USD is base currency.

Getting started


Promotional tools to attract clients

Please note that each markup option is a standalone partner program. If you wish to have several markup options (for example, one for $5 USD per lot and another for $10 per lot), you will need to create separate partner accounts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us from website.

Also you can send us email to we will be happy to answer all your questions and get started as partner in our Company.