Advices for partners

Business development based on Forex4you partner program

Running a successful business is a difficult task, so we provide you information about the basic ways of attracting clients that will help you choose the best solution for further business development.

The basic steps

Cold Calls

Sources for the base

  • A close circle
    (friends, acquaintances, relatives);
  • Social networks
    (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus+). Searching contact information (phone number, email) and communication for attracting users and partners;
  • Acquaintances, who are interested in additional income.

Base Segmentation

  • Territorial division
    If there is any information about the territorial division, start with the closest districts; the most remote areas will be contacted in Friday to be able to schedule a meeting for weekend;
  • Income division
    The division is based on the information about the clients’ income;
  • Division based on future cooperation

    Potential (who are interested in the forex market, so you only need to convince them that this decision is right). Perspective (who can be interested in forex, have money and interest).


This is a way to attract new clients via forex educational trading courses in your region. Depending on your business development strategy, the courses can be paid or free.


  • «The Forex Market Advantages over Stock Trading»;
  • «Fundamentals of Risk Management»;
  • «Trading Systems»;
  • «Psychology of Trading».

Professional clubs

Traders Clubs will unite investors, traders, and newcomers in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss all questions and share experience.

General Principles

Holding such meetings is quite simple: you should prepare the place (select a room with comfortable seats for the audience), a clipboard and other equipment that will help you analyze a particular market situation. Coffee, tea and refreshment drinks can be a great addition to the meeting. Such events significantly increase loyalty levels and have a great impact on choosing the company for future cooperation.

Discussion topics ideas:

  • «Forex History»;
  • «Financial Literacy»;
  • «Fundamental Overview»;
  • «Investment Ideas».

You can organize the clubs online, by using the sites, social networks, forums or webinars.

Social Networks

What do I need?

Open an account on popular social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. Their popularity increases rapidly and can be considered as a cheap, yet effective way of attracting your target audience.

Communicate with other Forex traders, create your community, and find like-minded people!


Online Advertising

Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s that can make your site visible to a large number of interested Internet users.

Contextual advertising (AdWords, Bing Ads) – displays ads that are based on the keywords entered by the users in search engines. This type of advertising quickly informs potential clients about you and your advantages over your competitors.

Offline Advertising

Outdoor advertising is graphic, textual or other information placed on special stands located outdoors, like the buildings, walls, outdoor equipment, over the roads or on the roads. Outdoor advertising is very effective in crowded places and public transport.

Objective: wide coverage of target audience.

Placement: billboards, banners, super-boards, transport advertising, advertising in business centers.

Print advertising is also very helpful, as you can touch it, take and show to other people, keep and use it when you have no Internet access.

Objective: spreading the company information among a narrow range of clients; this lets you stay in touch and leave your contact information.

Types: flyers, brochures, advertising in periodicals, etc.