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Affid and SubID technologies

Affid is your unique partner identifier, which is included in your referral link. It is stored in cookies on the user’s side.

SubID is an additional tool for tracking the clicks done by your clients. This feature helps you estimate the effectiveness of your online advertising by outgoing traffic segmentation. You create and assign SubID tags, which contain letters and numbers, such as: blogpost12, facebook, mysite, adwords, etc. You can create as many SubID tags, as you want.

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How does it work?

You place your link on various resources or pages of your site and assign a unique identifier for each link.

For example:

That’s how your referral links may look:

That’s how it will look after assigning SubID:

When a visitor clicks on one of the links above, the system tracks the id “blogpost12”, “facebook” or “mysite” and stores in your Partner Room.




My website


Why do I need it?

You can create a unique SubID for each link posted on various resources or webpages. This way you will be able to track the conversion sources and make your advertising campaign more effective. This technology is especially effective for contextual advertising to keep tracking the most popular keywords.

You can create your own identifier (SubID) in the “Ads, banners, widgets” section in your Partner Room.


Cookie is a piece of information sent by a web server to a browser on the user’s computer. The user’s browser stores and sends this information to the server after each request. Some cookies are stored only during one session and are deleted when you close your browser. Other cookies are stored until the user manually clears the cache.

If the user clicked on your referral link and then closed the webpage for some reason, next time he visits the website the information will be stored and displayed on your personal account in the form of statistics.

Eternal cookies!

If a user first visits the site Forex4you by clicking on your link, he will be tracked as your client, even if he clicks another partner’s link later.

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