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First Floor, Mandar House, Johnson’s Ghut, P.O. Box 3257, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands



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Please note that our Mumbai office is only responsible for customer assistance 9 am – 18 pm.. No financial operations can be made at the office. All financial transactions are done directly with our European branch.

You can contact us by:

Our global customer service specialists work 24 hours per day from Monday to Friday.

1. Phone

  • Malaysia: 1 800 813 772 (English / Malay) toll-free
  • Russia: 8-800-775-2948 (Russian) toll-free
  • India: 000 800 443 0039 (English / Hindi / Marathi) toll free
  • China: 400 120 0752 (Mandarin / Cantonese) toll-free
  • Hong Kong: +852-58081312 (Mandarin/Cantonese) toll-free
  • Thailand: 66-21055727 (Thai/English) toll-free
  • Spain: 349 004 233 55 (English) toll-free

2. Online

LiveChat: instant communications on the site TraderRoom: after the authorization go to section “Customer care

3. E-mail

For general questions and information. Feel free to email us at: If you have public relations and marketing inquiries, please feel free to email us at: If you have a partnership idea or questions. Feel free to email us at: