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An auto-copy service for Forex traders.

Perfect for those clients, who want to earn, fully control the trading process, and learn successful strategies from the traders, whose trades they copy.

The Leader and the Follower
Copying the trades

You open your own account and copy the trades of successful traders. The result depends on the copying ratio you set (lot size 1:1 to 1:1000)


  1. Open a Follower Account.
  2. Chose successful Leaders, whose trading strategies you like and trust. See the full list of Leaders.
  3. Copy the Leader’s trades after setting all trading rules, like the ratio, minimum and maximum trade size, mirror trading, etc.
  4. Provide live control of the copied trades on your account and get a detailed trade statistics.


  1. Connect your trading account to the Share4you service by Forex4you.
  2. Keep on trading.
  3. Attract/wait for the Followers.
The Follower pays a commission of $8 per lot.

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What is it?


How does it work



Managed account on Forex.

Perfect for those traders, who want to invest available funds, diversify their funds, and get additional income.

Investor and Manager
Investment of funds

You open your account and make an investment in a successful trader. The profit of the Manager and the Investor is shared according to the offer shares.


  1. Open an Investor’s PAMM account.
  2. Choose one or more PAMM Traders.
  3. Analyze the interim trading results.


  1. Open a PAMM Trader account.
  2. Set forth the offer rules.
  3. Trade successfully.
  4. Attract/wait for Investors.
The Investor accepts the terms of the reward program set forth in the offer

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