Investment security

Security information

In today’s turbulent economic environment it is imperative for Investors to have their investments secured. As a financial entity under the regulation of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), Forex4you takes a step further in maintaining high quality of service and client fund security, which has resulted in this Investment Security policy.

Capital Adequacy

Already throughout several years, company Forex4you increases the level of its share capital and reserves to such extent, that their cumulative percentile ratio to client’ assets increases from year to year. The management of the company believes that this fund adequacy allows not only to mitigate any possible financial risks during the turbulent market times, but also maintain and ensure a reliable functioning of the company in the long-term perspective.

Client fund segregation

Forex4you ensures proper client fund segregation. This is achieved by separating client funds from Forex4you company’s operating funds. Additionally, to allocate the risks client funds are kept in several banks simultaneously. Proper fund segregation guarantees Investors that their funds will not be at risk, should the company become insolvent.

Top tier partnering Banks and individual Banking services

Forex4you partners only with financially sound and reputable banks that are among the leading banks of Europe and Asia such as OCBC and NovoBanco.

For clients investing more than 100,000.00 USD Forex4you offers an option of placing funds in one of the partnering Swiss Banks that are known for their exceptional banking practices.

Taking even another step further, Forex4you offers its clients Custodian Banking Services. This is an additional layer of security of client funds on top of fund segregation as Custodian Banking Services imply not only depositing funds on a separate bank account in the name of the client, but also completely isolating access of the company to these funds. Ultimately, this solution allows our clients to trade directly with Forex4you, while safely keeping their funds at the selected bank. Custodian Banking Services are available to clients who plan to invest a minimum of 500,000.00 USD cumulative within the first six (6) months of membership with Forex4you.

Credible and regulated Liquidity providers
Understanding the importance of credibility of institutions providing liquidity for trade execution, Forex4you deals only with regulated financial institutions. Having this in mind Forex4you has established a BBO bridge with institutions such as Sucden Financial, Exante – all Europe regulated entities.
Advanced risk control systems
Risk mitigation is an inseparable aspect of investment security and Forex4you encompasses the most advanced risk management tools. Using these modern technologies Forex4you Investors have the opportunity to control their risks and limit their losses, should such occur. Additionally, Forex4you risk management technology ensures that Investors will not risk more funds, while trading, than originally invested.