Online Forex quotations

The ‘Market Watch’ window contains a list of quotes, which are constantly updated. You can access the ‘Market Watch’ window by doing any of the following:
  • Press Ctrl+M
  • Select ‘Market Watch’ from the ‘View’ menu
  • Click the MT4 quote icon button on the ‘Standard’ toolbar

Each line in the ‘Market Watch’ window corresponds to a specific market instrument, and has the following fields.

Field Description
Symbol The symbol for the market instrument
Bid The current bid price
Ask The current ask price
Update Time The last time the quote was updated
Maximum The highest price so far in the day
Minimum The lowest price so far in the day

Market Watch window
Figure 1. ‘Market Watch’ Window

The ‘Market Watch’ window has a context menu, which can be accessed by right-clicking on a symbol. This menu includes the items shown below.

Menu Item Shortcut Description
New Order F9 Open a new order for the selected symbol. You can find more information about creating orders.
Chart Window Open a new chart window for the selected symbol. You can find more information creating charts.
Tick Chart Space Open a tick chart directly in the ‘Market Watch’ window. The same chart also appears on the ‘Tick Chart’ tab.
Hide Delete Delete the symbol from the list; this is recommended for unused symbols. Symbols with open positions, pending orders or open charts windows can’t be deleted.
Hide All Delete all the symbols from the list. Symbols with open positions, pending orders or open charts windows aren’t deleted.
Show All Add all available symbols to the list. You will receive quotes for all these symbols, and they will be updated continuously.
Symbols Open the ‘Symbols’ window, which shows all available symbols grouped by type. See below for more information.
Sets Open a sub-menu containing symbol sets. This lets you switch easily between different symbol sets. You can store the current symbol set that is displayed in the ‘Market Watch’ window, select sets that have been stored previously, and delete sets.
High/Low Display the day’s high and low prices.
Time Display the last time that quotes were updated.
Auto Arrange A Automatically adjust columns when the window is resized.
Grid G Display grid lines between columns.
Popup Prices F10 Open a separate popup window containing quotes. See below for more details.

‘Symbols’ window

This window lists all the available symbols. You can access the context menu for a symbol by right-clicking on that symbol. This context menu includes the following items.

Menu item Description
Show Symbol Add the symbol to the ‘Market Watch’ screen.
Hide Symbol Delete the symbol from the ‘Market Watch’ screen.
Properties Display detailed information about the symbol.

‘Popup Prices’ window

When you open this window, it contains the same set of symbols as are displayed in the main ‘Market Watch’ window. However, if you modify the ‘Market Watch’ window, the ‘Popup Prices’ window is not affected. This means you can work with more than one symbol set at the same time.

You can carry out trading operations in this window by double-clicking on a symbol with the left mouse button. There’s also a context menu, which lets you do the following:

  • Change the data which is displayed
  • Put the window in full-screen mode
  • Display the window on top of other windows