Commodity trading on more than 10 instruments

Share4you provides commodity trading services on metal futures, energy cash, metal spots and energy futures. Commodity trading is commission free. Trade without actually owning the financial instrument on which the contract is based. Two trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and Forex4you mobile app.

Commodities instruments

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Commodity market

Hard commodities (natural resources like oil, gas or gold) and soft commodities (agricultural products and livestock) were traded since the beginning of times. Nowadays commodity trading happens on about 50 major markets around the globe. The major ones are based in the U.S. — Chicago and New York.

Ways to invest

A trader can invest in a future contract, where a future sale or a purchase of a certain commodity is fixed at a certain price. Or a stock can be bought in a commodity-related company or a fund, which focuses on investing in such companies.

Risk diversification

As commodities are largely necessary for many economies and societies to function, they are in a more steady demand. Thus, as financial instruments they are widely used to diversify investment portfolio and manage risks.

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