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    If you are involved in forex trading, then there are going to be a lot of different balls that you need to juggle. Some people will rely more on technical analysis, while others are always watching the news and focusing more on fundamental analysis. Then there is the hybrid approach that combines these two styles. Whatever the case may be, there are many useful legal forex trading apps in India that you can use to make the entire experience a lot easier, and this article will look at the best forex trading app in India today.

    Find out which leading forex trading app in India might be most useful for your particular needs. By utilizing these types of tools, you can often improve the results of your trading, as well as save significant time and energy.

    Modern smartphones allow you to access a huge amount of computing power in a small device. Therefore, you have many great apps on the market that can be very useful in your trading journey. Many people even prefer placing all of their trades through mobile trading platforms. This article will look at each of the best app for forex trading in India and the very best legal forex trading apps in India.

    Types of Forex Trading Apps

    There are many different types of forex-related apps that you will come across. Usually, the first thing that will pop into someone’s head when you mention the best forex trading app in India will be the trading apps that brokers offer to their customers. However, there are often other types of apps that are not directly linked to you making trades.

    Instead, they can provide you with useful research and analysis tools, allowing you to make decisions that are better informed across the board. Therefore, this article will look at a mix of the best forex trading apps in India.

    Bloomberg Business Mobile App

    To start off this best online best app for forex trading in India list, we will look at an app that is very straightforward in what it offers, but also highly effective. Bloomberg is a leader when it comes to financial news and information, no matter where in the world you might be located. This app is going to be ideal for people who want to access the most recent market news, with Bloomberg often breaking these stories faster than anyone else.

    Bloomberg Business Mobile App

    You will be able to take a look at the global financial markets, as well as all business-related news, market price data, and tracking tools. You can customize the menu to suit your specific preference and put certain currency pairs in your watchlist so that you are always able to easily keep an eye on them.

    There is also the ability to watch interesting videos through Bloomberg TV that enhance your experience when gathering news and views. This is a great Forex app in India for those people who want to gather the latest news.

    Forex4you Broker app

    Forex4you is a leading trading broker and can be considered the best app for forex trading in India, as it offers traders the ideal blend of excellent research and trading tools. There is also the best in the business education offering, competitive products, as well as many different products being available for you to trade.

    The company has been around for 15 years, so it is definitely legit, and it regularly ranks very highly for its research, tools, and trading platforms. The app provides you with more than 30 technical indicators, as well as 20 drawing tools, and other charting options. Some of the tools that are available include the likes of alerts, economic calendar, watch lists, and sentiment readings.

    Forex4you trading mobile app

    All of this combines into an offering that is optimally laid out and easy to use. Therefore, it is a dream across the board to use for those people who are looking for a low-cost forex trading offering that is trustworthy and provides access to a massive range of tools. The Forex4you app definitely deserves a place on a list that concerns the best online forex trading app in India.

    Copy Trading

    One of the best forex trading apps in India and certainly a leading app for Copy Trading is an offering from the leading broker Forex4you. Share4you is a copy trading service that allows you to follow and copy the trades of other more experienced traders. It allows you to browse through their success rates, risk appetites and back history to understand if their trading style and strategy is aligned to yours. The app is free to download, and you can start copying the trades of others with a low minimal deposit of just US$5 and up.

    Top traders on Share4you, Forex4you's copy trading service

    This app is suitable for new traders that would like to gain exposure to the trading markets, while learning how to trade for themselves. It’s a great way to learn as it gives you the ability to watch the way other more expert traders trade. For more experienced traders, it can also be very useful. Most advanced traders are experts in a few assets, which they really understand. They follow all of the news and research around these assets to know how certain events will impact the price movement. This however takes time, so for these traders, they can gain exposure to other assets that they wouldn’t normally follow, without having to conduct the legwork and in-depth research to trade well. The app also allows more experienced traders to become trade leaders and have others copy their trades for an additional source of revenue.


    This is a first-class forex app in India for charts and market updates. Access to charts is really important for traders, especially those who follow technical analysis. The charts allow traders to identify trends, reversal patterns and to generate trading signals for themselves. The charts are advanced allowing you to incorporate a huge array of trading indicators and studies. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use. If you do decide to pay for the service, the in-chart adverts are removed. You can access Tradingview via your desktop device, through a browser, as well as on iOS devices.

    TradingView app on desktop

    Trading Central

    A world class leading app for market insights. It contains a range of smart features including an economic events calendar, which allows you to check how different events impacted the relevant assets in the past, therefore giving you an understanding of how it may impact the asset in the future. It also features trading tips and featured analysis from the team of in-house market experts. The other amazing feature is the market buzz, which shows you the main assets making the news and headlines. It shows you the orientation of the news, e.g., bullish or bearish. This app is included free by many forex brokers including AvaTrade, and is definitely worth getting your hands on.

    Trading Central market insights app

    Economic Calendar

    This is an important trading tool, which updates you about what economic events are coming up. It also shows you the assets this event is likely to impact and the relevancy of the event on that market. Fundamental traders, who trade the news, always have these open on their screens. Important data points include core prices, to understand inflation, GDP, interest rate hikes and oil inventory supply readings from the likes of OPEC. You can access economic calendars with most brokers or see them directly on Investing.com and FXStreet.com.

    Trading Central market insights app - events

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