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    As a trader, your skills and experience are extremely important to your success. However, if you aren’t trading on the right platform, you could be missing out on several key benefits and features.

    That’s because the trading platform you choose could significantly impact your outcome in several ways. These include access to advanced planning and trading tools which can give you the edge in spotting trends, the ability to create Forex alerts so that you’ll never miss out on trading opportunities, and swift trade execution speeds with minimal platform downtime that allows you to make pinpoint trades.

    The chosen platform for top brokers

    Considered by many seasoned industry professionals as the platform of choice, MetaTrader by MetaQuotes is offered by top brokers as its hassle-free and user-friendly interface is preferred by many traders. This includes the hugely popular MetaTrader 4 and its younger sister, MetaTrader 5.

    But why are MetaTrader platforms so widely embraced? That’s because they offer huge advantages, and when you trade with a leading MetaTrader broker, you too can start benefiting.

    An introduction to MetaTrader

    Developed by the MetaQuotes Software company, MetaTrader 4 was first launched in 2002, and in 2010 MetaTrader 5 was introduced. However, rather than an all-new upgrade of MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 was an alternative version that included enhanced features and functions over its predecessor.

    These days, both platforms are the top choices for trading platforms across the globe, with MetaTrader 4 being especially popular among Forex traders.

    What are the benefits of MetaTrader?

    Traders prefer MetaTrader for a variety of important reasons. At the top of the list, is that it’s a lightweight trading platform which doesn’t require high-end PCs. This allows it to run smoothly and responsively, even on older machines. This simple but feature-rich design also means that it is less prone to errors and downtime and offers greater user-friendliness.

    Another crucial benefit which many traders appreciate, is that these MetaTrader platforms offer greater customizability while offering over 50 useful charting tools and indicators as standard. This not only gives traders the flexibility to customize the user experience based on their unique needs, but also the tools to gain better market insight for a greater advantage.

    What’s more, the MetaTrader platform can be used on just about any device you own – you can choose to install the desktop version or access it through a web browser without the need to download the program. You can also download the mobile app through the AppStore and Google Play and access it on the go.

    Next up, MetaTrader also offers EAs, or Expert Advisors. This hugely popular feature allows traders to engage in automated trading directly through the platform without the need to install scripts (trading action codes). This way, they can effortlessly create their own strategies using MetaQuotes programming languages for MQL4 and MQL5.

    As an additional benefit, MetaTrader is supported by an engaging community which has grown over the years to include experienced traders from around the world. This means that you’ll always find a place where ideas can be shared, learn more about tools that can give you an edge, exchange strategies, and find answers to all your trading questions within the MetaTrader platform.

    Which MetaTrader Brokers are ideal for me?

    There is no shortage of brokers to choose from, so which should you go for? Whether you are new to trading or a veteran, you should always look for a broker with a proven track record and reputation. After all, it’s your precious money that’s at stake.

    It’s a good idea to research your options and pick a broker that’s not only trustworthy, but also offers all the right features to help you gain trading success. These include:

    • Transparency

      ●Always pick a broker that is regulated for extra reassurance in the event of a dispute.

    • Competitive Trading Conditions

      Brokers with competitive spreads or fees ensure that any profit you make can be locked in.

    • Customer Support

      ● Having a dedicated support team that can answer your questions or provide guidance in your preferred language always helps.

    • Flexibility

      ●Brokers that let you to trade on a mobile app, desktop or WebTrader means that you can trade wherever you are.

    • Asset selection

      ●Whether it’s cryptocurrencies, futures, stocks, or currencies, ensure your broker offers a wide range of assets for you to invest in.

    One important point to note is that brokers who offer MetaTrader platforms must pay hefty licensing fees to MetaQuotes. This is a sign of a broker that only wants the best for its customers.

    Why Forex4you is the right choice

    As one of the top global brokers, Forex4you stands above the rest as the top forex broker in India. This makes it the perfect choice for new traders who are just beginning their trading journey. For one, it offers an exceptionally well-regulated environment and has an outstanding track-record as a proven broker. This means that you can always trade with total confidence.

    With Forex4you, you’ll never miss a trade as it offers MetaTrader 4 as a desktop platform, a web-based trading platform, and as a mobile app. It also offers a swap-free account which is a trading account that is completely Shariah-compliant and offers some of the best trading conditions with the lowest trading costs in the industry. What’s more, you can also enjoy leverage for trading with Forex4you – a powerful tool which traders can use to amplify the value of their trades.

    Lastly, Forex4you understands how important it is for new traders to grow, improve and most of all, learn to enjoy the art of trading, and that is why it offers a dedicated, and comprehensive education section that is extremely helpful for new traders to hone their trading skills and move up to the next level.

    What next?

    As you might have realized by now, MetaTrader platforms are not only a superior platform for experienced traders who can take advantage of the range of order types, indicators and EAs, they are also ideal for new traders who won’t be intimidated by its user-friendly interface.

    This makes it an easy decision to start trading with MetaTrader, and you can do so in a few easy steps. To start off, you can try out a Forex4you demo account to trade completely risk-free with virtual currency, but still gain a good feel for the MT4 platform.

    Once you’ve gained enough confidence, simply sign up for a Forex4you live trading account and begin your trading adventure!

    To find out more about the MetaTrader platforms, Forex4you offers in-depth educational materials where you can discover even more features that will benefit you. So, get started with a top MetaTrader broker today!

    Forex Trading involves significant risk to your invested capital. Please read and ensure you fully understand our Risk Disclosure

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