100 Millionth Trade Promotion to Celebrate Our Birthday

Posted on April 30, 2019 at 11:48
To celebrate we ran a promotion where the 100 millionth copied trade would win a $5000 cash prize. We have a lucky winner! Account number 3907068 copied the 100 millionth trade. This year we introduced some amazing new features which guarantee an even smoother copy trading experience!

Leader Equity Stop Loss is now visible to all

This increases the transparency of Leaders’ accounts for all Followers, so you are able to assess the potential risk level of your Leaders

We care about Leaders privacy

Leaders can now keep trades private and show followers detailed statistics only

Leaders can now choose copy commission for each trading account

Trade as you wish and set the most appropriate settings for each account

Interactive “doughnut” chart for leader’s traded instruments.

New charts for better analysis and more strategic decisions

New trading servers for Share4you Leaders

Professional conditions for the ultimate trading experience