Risk Management and Trading Psychology

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The most successful traders in the world are good at risk management and are disciplined! Do you have a trading plan and stick to it? Can you control your emotions and don’t allow fear and panic affect your trading? Join this webinar to:
  • Understand the importance of a trading plan and discipline
  • Learn the pros and cons of leverage
  • Identify how much you should risk per trade
  • Learn to limit losses and let profits run

Webinar Speakers

Yury Safronau

Chief Currency Strategist, AtoZMarkets.com

Yury Safronau is an independent strategist, trader, private equity manager, co-founder of Target Signals, Chief Currency Strategist at AtoZ Forex and the author of a number of scientific trading theories, who has a PhD degree in Finance. He focuses on foreign exchange market from technical analysis perspective. His insights on currencies and commodities have won him several #1 rankings in his region.