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  • The world of investing is dynamic and, at times, exhilarating. Many newcomers are drawn by the promise of quick wealth. But the path to financial freedom also harbors pitfalls that can deal a bad hand to beginners. Wade into the trading market with your eyes wide open. It can make your journey a smoother one.

    1. Lack of Education

    What makes it a mistake: Do not bank on a trading instrument because you heard about it on the news or social media. You have no idea what the risk profile is or the tenure you have to wait.

    The solution: Take your time to learn the basics of trade. The market is not leaving anytime soon. Understand the different trading instruments, the pros and cons, and decide what suits you best.

    2. Overtrading

    What makes it a mistake: Small wins in the beginning can stroke unwarranted excitement. Think meme stocks. You might trade too much, leading to big losses when you miss the optimum exit on the trade.

    The solution: Read more about trading plans. Concoct your own and stick to it. A trading plan paces you and tempers your emotions.

    3. Ignoring Risk Management

    What makes it a mistake: Ignoring risk management can kill the health of your trading account. Marketing swings or ill-timed buys can diminish your profits. There is no sure-win bet.

    The solution: Set your stop-loss orders, spread out your investments, and never put in more than you can afford to lose. Here are three words for you: Do not overleverage.

    4. Emotional Trading

    What makes it a mistake: The market runs on 1s and 0s. It is completely rational. Trading based on emotions often leads to rash decisions and losses.

    The solution: To quote William Mountfort, "Ha! Hold my brain; be still my beating heart." Be disciplined. Emotions have no place in a rational trader's toolkit.

    5. Choosing the Wrong Broker

    What makes it a mistake: Where you trade, matters. A broker that does not help you reach your trading goals can slow or even shut you down.

    The solution: Choose a reliable broker like Forex4you, which has a user-friendly platform, speedy executions, and a responsive customer service. Most of all, you need one that is trustworthy and pays you on time.

    6. Ignoring Tax Implications

    What makes it a mistake: Not paying attention to local tax laws in your country is a huge red flag. You want to be flush with cash, not flout the law.

    The solution: Know how your trades affect your taxes. And talk to a tax expert on how to handle your taxes from your trading income.

    7. Not evaluating your performance

    What makes it a mistake: No athlete can excel without reviewing their own performance. Similarly, not evaluating your trades is a recipe for a future loss.

    The solution: Use a trading journal to review and analyse your trades, both wins and losses, regularly to improve your future transactions.

    8. Become a follower of market trends

    What makes it a mistake: When a trade becomes a trend, it means many people are in on it. It also means you are too late, and the winners are those who have already exited from the trading position. Joining a trend is likely a poor decision.

    The solution: Remember that trading plan you had prepared? Stick to your own moves instead of following the market's.

    9. Not conducting technical analysis

    What makes this a mistake: Trading is unlike buying a lottery ticket, and the market is not a casino. Analysing the market in detail, particularly for the trades you hope to execute, is crucial for minimising losses.

    The solution: Use both fundamental and technical analysis to make well-informed trading choices.

    10. Unrealistic Expectations

    What makes this a mistake: You are not going to win every time. Nor are you guaranteed a windfall on your next trade. Having unrealistic expectations can lead to anger and rash decisions.

    The solution: Think through your goals. Are they realistic? Set a quantum for your trading positions, have patience, and know that trading is a marathon, not a sprint.

    If you start your trading career with a solid knowledge base and the right broker, you can reduce the risks that come with making these mistakes.

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