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  • Market Watch Window Details

    Video Transcript

    The “Market Watch” is a section of MetaTrader 4, which shows bid and ask prices, it allows you to view instruments, place orders, open charts and etc. All securities for which the Trading terminal gets quotes from the server are listed in the "Market Watch" window.

    The symbol contract specification window contains the terms of a symbol trading. To view the symbol properties, click "Specification" in its context menu in the "Market Watch" window. The window displays the following parameters set by Forex4you:

    Spread – is shown in points. If the spread is floating, the parameter is equal to floating.

    Digits – are the number of decimal places in the price of the symbol.

    Stops level – is showed in points. Inside the channel of the prices, a trader cannot place a Stop Loss, Take Profit or pending orders. When you still place an order inside the channel, a message with "Invalid Stops" will appear.

    Contract size – is the number of units of a commodity, currency or financial asset in one lot.

    Margin currency – is the currency in which the margin requirements are calculated.

    Profit calculation mode – this is Forex or CFD.

    Margin calculation mode – this is for Forex or CFD Leverage.

    Margin hedge – this shows the margin charged from hedged orders for 1 lot.

    Margin percentage – this determines what part of the base margin size value calculated, according to the symbol type, is charged.

    Trade – here you can set 3 options. The first is permission to trade with this instrument, when set on: "Full access”, this allows a trader to close and open positions. Whilst, "Close only" allows only closing, and the "Disabled" option prohibits you to trade.

    Execution – this is the execution type of the symbol.

    GTC mode – this is the expiration mode of orders, for which you can set 3 options:
    • the first is, Pendings are good till cancel – here pending orders are preserved as a trade day changes;
    • the second is, Good till today including SL/TP – this is for orders that are valid only during one trading day. By the end of the day, all levels of Stop Loss, Take Profit, and pending orders are deleted.
    • the third option is, Good till today excluding SL/TP – this is when a trade day changes, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels are preserved, but pending orders will be deleted.
    Minimal volume – this is the minimal volume of a deal for the symbol.

    Maximal volume – this is the maximal volume of a deal for the symbol.

    Volume step – is the step of volume changes.

    Swap type – There are 4 types of swap calculations:
    • In points – the specified number of points of the security price.
    • In the base currency – the specified amount in the base currency of the symbol.
    • In percentage terms – as a percentage per annum. The percentage is taken from the position price (per 1 lot) and divided by 360, since the swap is calculated daily;
    • In the margin currency – the specified amount in the symbol margin currency.
    Swap long – this is the swap for Buy positions.

    Swap short – this is the swap for Sell positions.

    3-days swaps – this is the day of triple swap charge;

    The lower part shows information about quoting and trading sessions of the symbol. Here sessions are specified for every day of week.