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  • Eyeing that new designer watch but lack the funds for it? Or are you finding it difficult to stay prudent with your limited paycheck?

    If you are looking to beef up your monthly income with some side hustles, you may want to consider forex trading.

    In foreign exchange or forex trading, you buy a currency in exchange for another. You do so, of course, in the hopes that the currency's value will increase.

    Forex trading is so popular that it is the world's largest financial market. Its daily trading volume hit $6.6 trillion in 2019, compared to $5.1 trillion in 2016. Today, the global forex market is worth $2.409 quadrillion.

    You may find forex trading a lucrative side hobby if you follow some simple steps.

    Read and reap them

    Like anything new, you will first need to read up and learn the basics of forex markets and trading.

    Understand the lingo. Find out how you should track the market and analyze key trends.

    It also is important to study the different strategies of forex trading. The market is constantly evolving, and new patterns can emerge.

    This means there is unlikely to be a fixed path to success when you dabble in forex trading. You will need to soak in new information all the time and be open to tweaking your own trading strategy.

    Experts often highlight fundamentals such as graphs, ratios, and currency pairs, as essential for forex traders. There are tools available that can help you manage these and monitor key markets to facilitate your trading activities. These include charting software and forex calculators and calendars, such as Forex Factory, FXStreet and Myfxbook.

    Wait, there's more…

    Find successful professional forex traders and learn from them. Follow their blogs or podcasts where available. Tap on their knowledge and experience to improve your own skills.


    You need a good strategy before hitting the field to win in any sport or game. The same is true for forex trading.

    Going in blind and making decisions on an impulse can cost you. Construct a trading plan that fits your investment profile and risk appetite.

    When you have done so, stick to it. Discipline often is cited as a key trait in forex traders. There is no point in drawing up a well-thought-out strategy if you keep straying from it.

    Maintaining a trading journal also allows you to assess how well your trading strategy is doing. You then can make tweaks where needed to improve your returns.

    As you grow your trading experience, learn from the gains and losses. The more transactions you make, the deeper your market knowledge. Take the time to analyze the data and use the insights to build a more resilient trading strategy.

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    Stop losses often are recommended as a way to limit your losses. It sets a specific amount at which to stop trading for the day, regardless of how the currency is performing, so you can mitigate your risks.

    Practise, practise, practise

    We all know that practice makes perfect. Forex trading is no different. Taking the time to hone your skills is especially critical for forex trading, where the market environment is constantly changing.

    Keep studying patterns and trends in the industry. It builds not only your knowledge but also confidence when you start trading.

    You can further sharpen your craft with demo trading accounts available online. These options provide a way for you to test your trading strategy and prepare you mentally to trade for real.

    Trading platforms such as Forex4you, cater to traders at different stages, including newbies. You can sign up for their demo account and try forex trading for free. It lets you gain hands-on experience from trading in a live market without the need for any capital.

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    Demo accounts also enable you to get used to the tools on the trading platform. This way, you will not fumble around when you need to quickly respond to market changes.

    Set attainable goals, start small

    Everyone wants to be a millionaire overnight, but it is unlikely you will be one on your first day of forex trading.

    Set realistic targets and start small. You can build your cache as you chalk up your transactions and trading experience.

    When you are ready to move past demo accounts, Forex4you offers a Cent account option that lets you trade in, well, cents. It is a great way to try out your trading strategies without the risk of losing your life savings.

    It also offers a good option for part-time traders who prefer to transact in smaller amounts.

    Wait, there's more…

    It can be easy to lose your composure in a market that can turn wayside instantly. Stay patient and in control to continue to make sound trading decisions.

    Forex Trading involves significant risk to your invested capital. Please read and ensure you fully understand our Risk Disclosure.

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