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  • So, you have heard a lot about affiliate marketing. Still, you are unsure about how you can make this a lucrative side career?

    Here are five ideas on how you can get started as an affiliate marketer:

    Web hosting

    With businesses headed online, there will be plenty of web hosting vendors eyeing a piece of the pie. And this means there will be more affiliate programs with whom you can choose to work with.

    The payout is the most important criteria to consider. For example, you should do no worse than Liquid Web's affiliate program. It dishes out 150% commissions on the first month. So, if you referred a customer who pays US$400 in the first month, you pocket US$600 in commission.

    A robust web affiliate program should include sales support. You want to work with a program that provides a library of creative and banner assets to save you time.

    Be sure to test the quality of the web hosting services you promote. Pitch those that earned good reviews from customers and are reliable. Promoting an inferior product may cost you credibility among your audience.

    Event & webinar referral

    Help event organizers fill seats and earn from each paid referral.

    For example, DigiMarCon Asia Pacific 2021's affiliate program pays US$200 for every paid referral. Your job is to spread the word and rake in the commission whenever someone registers for the event.

    Webinars have gained popularity amid social distancing measures. Platforms like NinjaWebinar offers an affiliate program that pays out 30% commission for referrals each month and for as long as the user stays on its platform.

    It provides a management software tool to help users create webinars, and you will earn the commission if someone makes a purchase within 90 days of clicking on your affiliate link.

    Review your passion

    If you are a fashionista, foodie, or even a pet owner, there is moolah to be made simply by telling others what you think about a handbag, dish, or dog treat.

    You can review a pasta dish and earn a referral fee when your readers make a reservation at the restaurant via your food blog. Chope's Affiliate Program, for instance, provides a Book Now button that can be placed alongside the food review. When users make a reservation via your Chope link, you receive a revenue share based on the agreement you signed with them.

    Others, such as Amazon, pay a commission between 1% and 10% depending on the product category purchased. Clothes and luxury beauty items are among those that churn the highest cuts. Sites like them have vast product portfolios, so you can promote a dog bed or review an electronic gadget. If a shopper buys items you highlighted on your blog, you will get some commission on the buyer's entire cart.

    Trading for clients

    If you are a wizard at analyzing stock markets and trading, you will want to check out platforms such as Forex4you for a healthy second income.

    Attract clients or partners and earn whenever they trade on Forex4you. If you attract a client, you will receive a 50% commission on all earnings generated by the client. If you attract a partner, you will receive a 16.7% commission. And, it gets even better! When that partner signs up other partners, you will receive a 5.6% commission on all earnings generated by that sub-partner.

    The more clients or partners you attract, the bigger your monthly intake. But clearly, you have to establish a solid trading record to attract clients or partners to trade along with you.

    Market that email

    Almost everyone has an email, and practically every brand wants to engage consumers via the inbox. This means companies will need email marketing tools to help them engage customers and push out promotions and campaigns.

    Email marketing software vendors do use referrals to push their solutions. One of these is Constant Contact, whose affiliate program lets you earn $5 for all qualified leads. On top of that, you make $105 for each referral who paid for an account. The best part? There is no cap on the number of referrals.

    To help you along, they offer an inventory of creative assets including ads and banners you can use on your website.

    But, be sure to test the product before you promote it.

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