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  • The foreign exchange, also known as the forex market, is now one of the largest financial markets1. It registered a daily trading volume of $5.1 trillion.

    According to the International Monetary Fund, Asia’s economic output is expected to contract2 by 1.6%. This is a downgrade from the zero growth projection earlier in April 2020. Some economies are more affected than others if they are reliant on tourism.

    This impact on jobs is a lucrative opportunity to recruit leads into your downline. With more free time, these are more individuals looking for alternative income sources.

    But before you recruit them, they must first know who you are and why they should trust you.

    If you already have a website, blog or a social media account, we will show you how to stand out and get yourself noticed.

    1. Include YouTube as part of your strategy

    With people forced to stay in their homes, they have more time on their hands. Self-improvement has been a popular refuge for the bored.

    Some have picked up investment to bolster their incomes. The expectation is that bargains are abundant amidst tumbling markets. So how are these people, the retail investors, learning and making their decisions?

    Turning to the Internet is one obvious option.

    YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine, should be your first choice.

    Once you have set up your channel, you must decide on the topics you will share. Samples can include:
    - The easiest way to grow a small trading account
    - Top 5 tips for new traders
    - How to create a new source of income instantly

    After experimenting with a regular stream of simple content, begin growing your authority. If you are confident in your knowledge, host a live broadcast. Or leverage other experts by creating an interview series suitable for retail investors.

    2. Invest in search engine marketing

    If you are more comfortable with the writing, articles and blogs could be a way to market your expertise. And optimizing your content for discovery will pay dividends for you.

    There are two practices you have to work on: Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

    SEM is the process of buying ads on search engines to drive traffic to your website.

    You bid on certain keywords that your potential leads may be looking for in a search engine. This forces users to see links to your content first. These are pay-per-click (PPC) ads. They are most effective in capturing leads who has demonstrated interest (based on their search queries). But bidding on popular keywords can be costly. So, you need to dedicate time to research the right combination of keywords. At the same time, you also need to improve the content on your site.

    Unlike paid search, SEO is free and shows up in organic search results.

    The more relevant your content is, the higher it will rank on the search engine result page. And appearing at the top often leads people to assume that you are an authoritative figure. ‘Free’, of course is relative. You will need to invest effort in creating good content to rank well.

    To succeed in SEO, you need to understand what your customers are searching for. This includes less popular keywords but provides more details about what they are searching. One of the other ways to improve the ranking of your site is to have other people link back to your content.

    SEO takes a lot of effort, but the benefits of SEO are long term. It will continue to help you generate organic traffic.

    3. Invite people to your channels

    As you continue to grow your influence online, it is important to keep a personal touch.

    Engage with people who interact with your content. Invite your audience to make suggestions. Doing something for them might earn you a follow to or a share of your profile. The time you invest in responding to feedback can establish trust quickly. It also distinguishes you from content creators who only send messages one way.

    But, if you are already doing this, then it is time to level up your game.

    Establish your own community for free audience reach. You can do this with free or freemium tools like the groups function in chat apps like Telegram and Slack. Paying a little for these services will make community management a little easier, but most get by using the free tier. Experiment for yourself.

    4. Final advice

    YouTube and search are the tools to convert viewers into community. In terms of priority, your community should be the destination you are driving people to. It is where they get direct access to you and your advice. It is also where the community can educate each other under the benevolent eye of the master (you).

    Work on these three action points and your online influence is bound to grow. and become a more successful broker with Forex4you.

    Now monetize your influence as a Share4you partner today.

    Forex Trading involves significant risk to your invested capital. Please read and ensure you fully understand our Risk Disclosure.

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