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  • Yes, you have probably heard that affiliate marketing can make you a decent living. Before attempting to cash in, though, you first need to build a name that people trust.

    Here are five ways to grow your brand so you can become a force that affiliate programmes will want to be associated with.

    Nail your domain

    To start, identify a domain or niche you want to be known for. Think carefully about this because you will need to invest time in this chosen field. So, choose a subject you are comfortable talking about or have a passion for.

    If the market you want to specialize in is broad, such as pets or sports, try narrowing it down to a smaller sub-category. For example, focus on dogs and pet reptiles or football and tennis. It will let you better hone your knowledge on that subject. You may also find it easier to stand out if the space is smaller.

    Furthermore, it will be less tedious to keep yourself updated if you track a more specialized market segment. It means you can respond faster to the latest developments and churn out better content.

    Caution ahead

    There may be regulations in some countries that govern marketing and advertising of products in certain categories, such as healthcare. For instance, Malaysia prohibits advertisement of registered medical devices without prior approval from its Health Ministry. So, tread with more care when choosing affiliate programs or discussing topics in these markets.

    Build your online presence

    Once you have decided on your niche, you will need a platform to showcase your expertise.

    Hosting your own blog or website is usually the best way to go as it gives you the most flexibility. You can post in the media of your choice and easily tag your content with affiliate links.

    Expand your reach, too, by tapping popular social media such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Think about the types of media that can best highlight the products and services you are trying to market. This can also depend on the format you are using to talk about the product.

    For example, if you are on an affiliate programme with Forex4you, you can push daily tips on stock trading via Twitter. The microblogging site serves as an ideal platform to provide quick and snappy information. Your tweets can include affiliate links as well as links directing your followers to your blog for a more detailed discussion.

    Caution ahead

    If you plan to host your own website, keep in mind things may get a little unwieldy as you grow your online presence. Choose a site management tool that can help you efficiently manage your content. A flexible hosting service will also allow you to quickly scale up when your content attracts more online traffic.

    Focus on good content

    To generate those eyeballs, create content that is compelling and appeals to your targeted audience.

    Obviously, that means you have to produce quality and consistent content that are credible. Post new content regularly so your audience knows when exactly to expect them.

    These need to be up-to-date and showcase the true value of products and services offered by your affiliate partners. Above all, be genuine. Nobody trusts a sales pitch that lacks authenticity.

    You can also generate more traffic by latching on trending topics related to your domain. Track the latest market developments and include hashtags, so your content will pop up when people search those keywords.

    Caution ahead

    If you do not have any feedback on how well your content is doing, you may end up producing material that yield low returns. So, monitor the effectiveness of your posts and continuously tweak your content to optimize eyeballs.

    Let your voice be heard

    All the knowledge you have to offer will be useless if people do not know you exist. So, find ways to amplify your voice and make yourself heard.

    Run AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to help your targeted audience better understand your field of expertise or domain. Offer giveaways to generate interest or grow awareness about you and your brand.

    You can also collaborate with other subject matter experts and create how-to videos or podcasts to discuss trending issues in your niche market.

    You can further augment your presence via the various social media platforms, including emerging channels such as Clubhouse and Twitter's Spaces.

    Caution ahead

    If you plan to host live sessions, keep in mind that what you say in the spur of the moment can live forever online. Speak only so you do not regret it later.

    Engage your audience & network

    No one really enjoys talking to a wall, so find some time to interact with your audience. Start conversations on current topics relevant to your domain and respond to comments.

    You can also grow your brand by nurturing connections and reaching out to other influencers. Think of it as an exchange of ideas, where you can learn from other experts in your field and enhance your own knowledge.

    Followers of those influencers may appreciate the added value you bring to the conversation and become your audience, too.

    Caution ahead

    You got to take the good with the bad, so be ready for criticism--including really harsh ones--once you put your name out there.

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