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  • When it comes to trading, a trader is only as good as the tools he uses.

    Your trading platform can greatly impact your trading activities and potentially your outcome in a variety of ways. For instance, trade execution speed is key, minimal platform downtime means not missing opportunities, advanced charting and tools can help you identify trends, trade entry and exit points, and even generate forex signals that can alert you of trading opportunities.

    One platform, which is considered by many in the industry to be the most popular by far is the MetaTrader by MetaQuotes, the most well-known of which are MetaTrader 4, and its younger sister, the MetaTrader 5.

    Most solid brokers will offer these platforms, or at least the MetaTrader 4, as they know how much of a habit it is for their traders to trade on this particular interface. Why is that? Let’s take a closer look at what makes the MetaTrader platforms so widely used, and how you too can benefit from working with a leading MetaTrader broker.

    The Basics – What is MetaTrader?

    The company MetaQuotes Software is behind the MetaTrader platforms, and they have seen an amazing amount of success from their platforms over the years.

    The first, MT4 was launched in 2002. This was followed up in 2010 by MT5, which is, unlike popular opinion suggests not an upgraded version of the MT4, but rather an alternative version with various additional features and capabilities to what the MT4 trading platform provides.

    Today these platforms, and particularly MT4 for forex traders, remains the number one choice of trading platform among the best metatrader brokers, both for traders in Malaysia, and other countries around the world.

    Why is MetaTrader Such a Popular Trading Platform?

    What is it about the MetaTrader platform that makes it so popular? There’re several key reasons why traders choose MetaTrader. The first of these is, the trading platform is extremely light. This allows it to run, even today, on almost any machine without slowing it down. It is also highly robust and efficient along with being very well-laid out and easy to use.

    The next key point, which attracts many traders to the platforms, is the fact that they’re highly customizable and are one of the strongest platforms in terms of providing charting tools and indicators to traders. There’re more than 50 tools and indicators included as standard with the MetaTrader platform.

    This allows traders to create their own experience based on their precise needs, and such tools can provide an excellent level of market insight, which is not available with other platforms.

    Plus, you can use the MetaTrader platform in its download desktop version, or through a web browser, which means no download necessary, plus it’s available as a mobile app through the AppStore and Google Play.

    A really popular feature of the MT4 and MT5 platforms is EAs, which MetaTrader is famous for. This stands for Expert Advisors and it allows traders to engage in automated trading directly through the platform. When using EAs, traders will need to install scripts, which are like pieces of code that are programmed to commit certain trading actions. It’s very easy to do. They can also build their own strategies using MetaQuotes programming languages MQL4 and MQL5.

    Another very strong point for MetaTrader is the fact it’s supported by a huge community of online traders. This community has built up over many years and is also available to traders in Malaysia to become involved with. Here you can share ideas, pick up additional tools, trading strategies, and get your questions answered and then apply all of this within the MetaTrader platform.

    Choosing the Best MetaTrader Brokers

    So many brokers out there and so much competition, so how can you choose who to trade with? No matter if you’re a new trader or more experienced, it is key to work with the best metatrader brokers that would have a solid track record and trusted reputation, because of course we’re dealing with your hard-earned money here.

    Looking for the best forex broker in Malaysia, you’ll want to take a look at the competition and make an informed decision. You’ll want a broker who you can trust, that offers all the features that you need in order to get the most out of your trading journey. Some of the key features to focus on are:

    • Regulation – Is the broker regulated? This offers you a level of protection in case of a dispute. It also ensures that you’re working with a transparent and well-capitalized firm.

    • Trading Conditions – You need to know that the spreads or fees of the broker are competitive so that any profit you make can be locked in.

    • Support – Quality of support is essential. This means a dedicated support team that speaks your language, in case you have any questions or need help or guidance.

    • Tools – A selection of platforms available through a variety of devices including mobile app, desktop and WebTrader.

    • Asset selection – You’ll need a good choice of assets covering the areas you’d like to invest in, whether that be cryptocurrencies, futures, stocks, or currencies.

    Brokers that license the MetaTrader platforms to offer to their traders must pay hefty fees to MetaQuotes. This can also be taken as a sign of a serious broker.

    Why Forex4you is a Top Broker Choice

    Forex4you stands out as the top forex broker choice in Malaysia, and one of the best in the world, for several key reasons which are particularly important if you’re a new trader. They offer an extremely well-regulated environment and have been active in the industry for many years. This makes them one of the most experienced and trusted brokers you can choose.

    While there’re of course other top choices, many do not match the great range of capabilities and tools you’ll find at Forex4you. This includes offering MetaTrader 4 as a desktop platform, as a web-based trading platform, and as an app on mobile so you never miss a trade.

    Forex4you offers a fantastic swap-free account. This type of trading account is completely Shariah-complaint and offers some of the best trading conditions with the lowest costs for trading that you’ll find anywhere in the industry.

    Many of the top MetaTrader brokers offer leverage for trading, this is a powerful tool for traders, where you can amplify the value of your trades. Again, Forex4you excels in this area, with extensive leverage available so you can make the most out of trading with MetaTrader.

    Forex4you knows the importance of continued growth, innovation and education for new traders who’re getting into trading forex for the first time. This is why Forex4you offers a dedicated, and comprehensive education section aimed at helping you to advance to the next level of skill and knowledge in trading. Forex4you is an excellent choice for your MetaTrader broker.

    What are Your Next Steps?

    MetaTrader platforms are an excellent choice of platform for both experienced traders who can make the most of the variety of order types, indicators and EAs and for newbies who can get to grips with the user interface fairly quickly.

    Once you’ve decided to trade with MetaTrader, the next steps are easy. You’ve the option to test the platform out first with a demo account offered by Forex4you. This allows you to trade completely risk-free with virtual currency but still using MT4 just as you would on a live account. This is a great chance to get to know the platform and broker better.

    Once you feel confident about the platform, from here it is a quick and easy process to open a live trading account at Forex4you. If you want to learn more about using the MetaTrader platforms, Forex4you offer in-depth educational materials, which can really help. We wish you happy trading with your MetaTrader broker.

    Forex Trading involves significant risk to your invested capital. Please read and ensure you fully understand our Risk Disclosure.

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