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  • Do you feel insecure about giving webinar presentations? The truth is, you’re not alone.

    Even if you’re experienced in presenting in person, talking on camera to an online audience can be quite a different challenge. Here are 6 pro-tips to prep you to become a successful webinar presenter:

    Gear Up

    Like filmmaking, “Lights, camera and action!” are all crucial to a webinar presentation. To do it right, you’ll need a good camera, proper lighting, and other equipment, and most importantly, the right “actions”.

    Here are the essentials you’ll need:

    • A laptop

    • A smartphone with a good camera (great if it can take 4K/UHD videos)

    • A stable tripod to securely support your smartphone

    • A lapel microphone (wired/wireless)

    • A selfie ring light on a tripod stand

    • Live-streaming software (if you’re not using your broker’s live-streaming platform)

    • Stable internet connection

    Make a Good Impression

    You’re making an impression when presenting, so it’s important to do the right “actions”.

    Dress appropriately as you would when presenting to a large audience and ensure that you’re well-groomed. No one’s going to pay attention to a speaker who’s dressed sloppily with unkempt hair, coupled with overgrown nasal hair.

    Above all, be punctual!

    Be Self-Assured & Interactive

    It is important that you give a clear and impressive introduction of yourself and the broker you are partnering with. This will give your audience confidence in you as a presenter and your viewpoints.

    Be passionate and energetic in your delivery and remember to interact with your audience constantly. No one will pay attention to a droning presenter and speaking without a pause is a surefire way to lose your audience. Be prepared for questions, anticipated or unexpected. Remember, a calm and collected presenter wins votes of confidence from the audience.

    Concise & Pictorial Presentation Deck

    The attention span of the online audience is typically very short, as many within the audience may be multi-tasking. Make sure that your presentation deck is concise and filled with visuals.

    There should also be consistent branding throughout your deck, so you can get maximum brand exposure.

    Observe How Others Do It

    The fastest way to learn how to do something may be to observe how others do it right, and wrong. Sign up for as many webinars as you can and take notes of the hits and misses of the presenters. Apply the things you’ve learnt from these presentations to your own and adapt it to fit your style of presentation. There is no single formula for success, and it takes time for you to discover your own.

    Practice, Practice, Practice!

    It may sound cliched, but practice does make perfect! Before every webinar presentation, conduct a rehearsal and get your friends or family to be your “audience”. Get them to give constructive comments about your performance. With lots of practice and continuous fine-tuning over time, your aspirations to be the next most sought-after webinar presenter won’t be too wild a dream!

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