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  • If 2020 had a theme song, it would be Money, Money, Money by Swedish pop group ABBA's hit. With the economic fallout from Covid-19 continuing to be felt, some of us will have to get creative about making a little extra to pay the bills.

    Now that we are into 2021, it's time to walk the talk. To help you along, here are a few creative ways to make some extra cash!

    • Be a Virtual Assistant for Hire

    Potential earnings:

    US$10 - US$50 per hour (depending on expertise and experience)

    With the pandemic stranding everyone at home or in lockdown, increasingly more companies are downsizing and outsourcing work. If this is the opportunity you're looking for to make at least US$100 extra a month to take care of the household expenses, check out websites such as Upwork for Virtual Assistant work.

    You can also make cold calls, especially to small companies and start-ups looking to use virtual assistants to save on staff wages. Over time, you can set up your own website as you build your clientele. The assignments could be for a few hours or even weeks. Tasks can be quite diverse, from data entry one day to market research another day. This guide could help you get started.

    • Become a Transcriber

    Potential earnings:

    From US$15 a hour (depending on speed and accuracy)

    If you own a laptop and can type faster than you can say "type", there's a market for transcription work of all sorts. This can range from general ones to medical transcriptions. The latter requires you to earn a transcription certificate first, but will give you a competitive edge. Depending on which country you are in, find out what credentials you need and where you can get training. Training may take up to a year, with prices varying depending on the school.

    Most of the transcription jobs are via audio files, with full and part-time options available. Check out this helpful starter guide e to becoming a transcriber.

    • Turn Your Car into a Moving Billboard

    Potential earnings:

    About US$100 to US$400 a month (depending on campaign)

    If you own a set of wheels and have a clean driver's record, a car wrap could score you some cash just by driving your car. Car wrapping involves removable decals/stickers being applied to your vehicle as part of an advertiser's marketing campaign. Most campaigns last from one to six months.

    Pay varies depending on how large the wrap is, whether this is partial on a bumper or passenger windows, or the whole car, and where the ad needs to be seen. So prepare to plan your commute and log in sufficient mileage to make those bucks happen. Here's what to know.

    • Become a Trading Hero

    Potential earnings:

    Up to US$400 a month (depending on skills)

    Think you have the forex trading skills? Then Forex4you has an interesting contest lined up for you to pit against other forex traders for cash. The Trading Hero Contest takes place monthly, with 30 winners sharing a prize pool of US$3,095 and a top prize of US$400. You will need to be a member and have at least US$50 in your account to join.

    Forex4you is well-regulated and audited by one of the Big Four accounting firm. But as with any investing or trading, know your own risk tolerance. Forex4you offers a Demo Account for forex traders to get a feel of the setup and platform first, without risking any real money.

    • Compile Tik Tok Videos

    Potential earnings:

    US$100 – US$10,000 a week (depending on how much you scale up)

    Can compiling videos make money? Surprisingly, they do. But note the caveats. Firstly, it takes loads of time. Finding suitable content means binge-watching endless Tik Tok videos to search for those "best moments". You also need to put together and produce a decent compilation if you want these to go viral. You also need to do some marketing to grow your audience.

    Take heed of the copyright minefield you will be treading on, which could get your channel(s) flagged and demonetised by YouTube. One way around this would be to ask the owners of the Tik Tok segments for permission to reuse their video material.

    If you still like to give this a go, this step-by-step tutorial may point the way.

    • Develop a Niche Video Channel

    Potential earnings:

    US$100,000 a year (depending on popularity)

    With global online content consumption doubling in the wake of Covid-19, this could be an ideal time to be your own YouTube star. If you're ready to walk on the wild side, consider a niche that will help you stand out.

    One worldwide trend that is making YouTubers rich is Mukbang content . This extreme-eating phenomenon involves the art of filming yourself chugging down huge quantities of food while chatting with the audience on what you're eating and how it tastes. Or consider starting an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) eating video. This involves amplified chewing and slurping sounds said to impart a relaxing and sedative sensation to the viewer.

    Get adventurous with these how-to guides here and here .

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