Open a Cent Account

Cent lots.
Start Forex trading with just 1$.

The Cent account allows trading in cents, with instant order execution and fixed spread. Go for this account to start trading or test your new strategies, advisors, and indicators.

Open a Cent Account

More than 80 instruments

EAs supported

Fixed spread

Hedging and scalping allowed

Instant execution

Available for Share4you service

The Cent account is ideal for…

  • beginners willing to try the service out
  • those willing to test an expert advisor
  • traders exercising a trading strategy with micro lots
  • traders with small deposit amounts
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Multiply your income by sharing trades

Open a Cent account on Forex4you and mark it as Share4you leader account in your Trader Room to make your orders available for others to copy. By becoming a leader on Share4you you receive a commission up to 8 USD for each lot copied from you by your followers.

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All volumes in Cent account are 100 times smaller. 1 USD cent = 0.01 USD.

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