Trading conditions

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Minimum lot and step

in trading terminal are equal to 0.0001 for CENT accounts but since there is no native support for cent accounts in MT platform – you have to choose 0.01. Minimum lot for CLASSIC accounts is 0.01, the minimum step is 0.01.

Standard contract

in Forex is 100 000 currency items. The most common leverage in Forex trading is 1 to 100. To achieve the lowest capital requirements clients may choose 1:500 leverage when registering an account. Such leverage value would mean minimum capital of 2$ cents for Cent accounts and 2$ for Classic accounts.

Please note

All volumes in Cent account are 100 times smaller. 1 USD cent = 0.01 USD.


varies depending on equity of your trading account:

Forex4you reserves the right to reduce leverage up to 1:50.

From $0 to $10 000 1:1000
From $10 000 to $100 000 1:500
From $100 000 to $250 000 1:200
From $250 000 and more 1:100


is the term for the available funds on balance for new order opening and support throughout the Forex trading process.

It's not permitted

1. to close orders which will cause increasing the net position or net margin two hours before symbol break and market close on Friday. During this period, new positions can be opened with decreased leverage – 1:100 for Forex and 1:40 for commodities.

2. to close orders which will cause increasing the net position or net margin one hour before publication of important news (marked in our economic calendar as “!!!”), which is expected to increase market volatility. During this period, new positions can be opened with decreased leverage – 1:100 for Forex and 1:40 for commodities.

Locked (hedged) margin

is the margin for the opening and maintenance of two opposite (locked) positions on the same instrument. The margin for opening and maintaining two locked positions is equal to zero.


are applied automatically during rollover (when an order is rolled over to the next calendar day). Swaps are tripled from Wednesday to Thursday. Swaps change throughout time according to the national interest rates. Please note if trading account is on our MarketPlace liquidity aggregator then swap will be applied on 23:00 by terminal time.

Please note

For currency pairs with CAD and RUB, swaps are tripled from Thursday to Friday.

Lock protection

is a function which will deny the locked position closure in case it leads to the margin decrease. In such an event you will receive the message "Not enough margin". Such orders can then be closed with the function "Multiply close by".

If Lock Protection is triggered by Stop Loss or Take Profit, then this closure will also be denied and Stop Loss or Take Profit will be set to zero.

Trading BTC/USD

is a bitcoin exchange traded product and exchange trading principles apply. All client orders are sent to the Bitcoin exchange as limit orders and are placed in the Liquidity pool. The limit order is executed only in case if orders can me matched with another exchange participant inside the exchange, meaning that Forex4you does not guarantee order execution in full amount and order might be executed partially. Unfortunately MT4 technology doesn’t support partial order execution causing possible discrepancy from real order execution and execution shown on the MT4 terminal. In case the order is partially executed, in Forex4you platforms or Forex4you Mobile application the remaining part will be display as pending order for the remaining part of the unexecuted volume, in MT4 the partial execution can’t be displayed. We highly recommend to follow up order execution or to trade for BTC/ USD instruments via Forex4you proprietary Web Trading terminal or Mobile application where the executed amount is displayed correctly.

Margin call level

the required level of margin for Forex activity is a ratio of the total of the balance and floating profit minus floating loss. The margin call can be viewed as a "warning border" — on weekends and holidays it rises to a value of 100% for accounts with leverage 1:100 and 500% for accounts with higher leverage. The broker has the right to prohibit the opening/closing of the Forex orders and lowering the Margin to the Margin call level one or two hours before market close, as well as open hedging positions.

Stop Out (Margin cut) level

is a margin level reached which the trading activity is simply stopped due to the high risk of the negative balance. Then orders are closed forcibly until the margin level is up. Please note that our company uses Stop Out level to decrease the risks of clients’ negative balance.

Please note

Stop Out level should not be used by clients as part of a risk management strategy — Stop Loss orders must be used instead. Please note that all pending orders will be canceled after reaching StopOut/Credit StopOut level if the trading account is on MarketPlace liquidity aggregator. Margin Call and Stop Out levels can be found in the respective account’s parameters table.

Gap level

is a criterion of gap mode activation. If the price gap is equal to or greater than one spread for a given instrument, the gap mode is engaged. It is used for automatic order execution by the dealer (both Stop Loss & Take Profit execute at the gap price). Activation proceeds on the second tick after gap mode is disabled.

Please note

Gap mode does not apply to trading accounts where orders are executed on our own liquidity aggregator MarketPlace. Therefore pending orders will be executed, including Take Profit and Stop Loss, by market price, so slippage can even be 1 pip. Market and pending orders including Stop Loss and Take Profit, maybe not executed if the price has not been confirmed by the liquidity provider.


If a pending order was placed with Take Profit or/and Stop Loss and the market price jumped over the order price and the price of Take Profit/Stop Loss is in the gap level, this order will be opened by gap price and after that closed by market price with commentary [closed/gap]. The final result of this order will be negative with one spread.

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