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Partnership with Blancpain GT

Forex4you has once again become the supporter of the world-famous racing event Blancpain GT. Being the main sponsor of the event, we are also the only partner from the finance sector. The breath-taking race was witnessed by more than 70,000 people, among them 47 clients of Forex4you, who were lucky to win the chance to attend the event. No wonder our involvement in the event where speed and precision decide who’s the winner turned out to be successful: in our work we focus on the very same values.


Partnership with FIA World Touring Car Championship

Another pioneering partnership — Forex4you is the first Forex brand to cooperate with the great event of the racing world, FIA World Touring Car Championship, by supporting FIA WTCC Moscow Raceway Circuit. Respect for the core values of innovation, high speed, steady sustainable development, as well as love for the fastest sport in the world unite Forex4you with the FIA Championship: promoting racings sports gives us a better feel of how to win our own race in global trading.

Season 2013 – 2014

Official partner of Continental Hockey League

Forex4you proudly announces its partnership with Kontinental Hockey League — the first collaboration between a major Forex platform and this game-defining community of ice hockey stars. Love for sports and genuine team spirit is what truly unites us, so supporting the KHL 2013–2014 Championship came as a natural choice that will hopefully set a trend for the Forex industry at large. Striving to be at the top of one’s game coupled with uncompromising respect for fair competition is something we can learn from KHL stars — some of the most brilliant hockey players on the planet.

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