25% Deposit Bonus Program

Receive up to 25% of the initial deposit as a credit bonus to your follower or trader account.

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Bonus program gives you the opportunity to earn more with your capital. You can choose up to 25% bonus as an instant credit bonus on your deposit.

  • From 5% to 25% bonus
  • 5 bonuses at a time
  • Unlimited bonus amount


How it works

Choose the bonus level at the time of funding your trading account. The higher level you choose, the larger trading turnover you must have on your account. The bonus is added to your account in the form of a credit, which is not used in trading.

You deposit $1 000 and choose 25% bonus level.
The total amount of your balance and credit will be $1 250.
$1 000 + $250 (25% bonus) = $1 250.
Keep trading as usual. 17.5% from the spread will be put aside to cover your bonus credit.

When the total bonus amount is matched, it will be automatically credited as real money to your account and will be available for withdrawal. If you have taken more than one bonus, then bonus which was submitted first, will be executed first.



  • The bonus can’t be withdrawn before it is matched through trading.
  • Bonus status can be checked at any time in your account.
  • If you have more than one account, you still can’t exceed the five bonus limit.
  • Only one active bonus per one trading account. Additionally 4 pending bonuses can be taken.
  • MTP (Minimum trade points) terms are applied for 25% Deposit Bonus Program for all account types.
  • If there is an active bonus on trading account – balance on the account is being blocked in twice sum of credit bonus amount for transfers, withdrawals and PAMM investing.
  • If during 3 months period you didn’t reach trading turnover on your account then bonus will be deducted from the account.
  • During usage of Deposit Bonus Program forced order closing (StopOut) are equal to 110% of the credit bonus and named Credit StopOut.
  • Company reserves the right to refuse the bonus program to any customer for any reason.
  • Can not be activated on Pro STP account type.
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