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Open your account for social trading to earn more.

With one of the Classic or Cent accounts you can become a leader on Share4you. This means that followers on Share4you will see your activity and will be able to copy your trades, each time paying you commission.

Become a leader

4 account types with cent and standard lots

Set yourself the amount of commission

More than 100 000 investors available

No limits on received commission amount

How to become a leader on Share4you?

It’s easy — just open Share4you leader account or if you already have Forex4you account you can convert it to Share4you leader account. To convert existing Forex4you account just log in to your Trader Room and in your dashboard click on the drop-down menu next to any of your trading accounts and choose the option "Convert to leader". Please note this option is not available for Pro STP accounts.

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What is a leader’s commission?

Receive second income or other call it commission for each lot copied from you. Set yourself the amount of commission for one copied lot. Possible commissions: $2, $4, $6 and $8 per standard lot. The more followers are copying you the greater your income. There is no limitation on received commission amount. By changing the commission amount and sharing it with promotional partners you can build your strategy for advertising your account and attracting even more followers.

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