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    Video Transcript

    Create Templates

    A template is a set of chart window parameters that can be applied to other charts. The following can be stored in a template:
    • chart type and color;
    • color diagram;
    • chart scale;
    • OHLC line shown or hidden;
    • the attached expert advisor and its parameters;
    • the imposed custom and technical indicators with their settings;
    • line studies;
    • separators of days.
    When a template is imposed into a chart, the stored settings, as they are, will be attached to the security and period. For example, you can create a template that includes indicators of MACD, RSI, and Moving Average, and then use it for other charts. In this case, charts windows will have the same view for different symbols and periods.

    To create a new template, you have to execute the "Charts – Template – Save Template..." menu command, the chart context menu command of the same name, or by pressing of the Templates button of the "Charts" toolbar. As a result, a new template will be created on basis of the data of active chart window. The same actions must be performed to modify a template, but an existing template should be selected instead of entering of a new filename. To impose a template into the chart window, you have to select the desired file in the templates managing menu or in any available folder in the "Open" window that can be called by the "Charts – Template – Load Template..." menu command. The "Charts – Template – Remove Template" menu command and the chart context menu command of the same name allow you to delete templates.

    Templates are stored in the /TEMPLATES directory as TPL files. A template created once can be used unlimited amount of times. A basic template (DEFAULT.TPL) is created during installation of the terminal. It will be applied automatically for creation a new chart window. In future, it can be changed by using of the active chart window properties.