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    Forex4you Donates Oxygen Concentrators to India

    Posted onJuly 6, 2021at12:47
    Forex4you India CSR event 2021

    In celebration of Forex4you’s 14th anniversary, we shared the love and joy of this milestone with our community by organising a fundraiser to procure US$3,500 worth of oxygen concentrators in support of Swasth Digital Health Foundation’s (“Swasth”) COVID-19 relief efforts.

    Swasth is a not-for-profit alliance of healthcare providers that have come together to coordinate their resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Together with ACT Grants, a social change movement for the start-up ecosystem in India that helps to mobilize solutions addressing societal problems, they have played a critical role in this pandemic by providing crowdsourced information on COVID-19, enabling access to care protocols to prevent patient harm from misinformation, and ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies that are in shortage.

    Oxygen concentrators are a more viable alternative to oxygen cylinders. Instead of relying on external sources of oxygen like oxygen cylinders, they recycle oxygen in the air, which is then conveyed to the patient.

    As of today, 13,500 oxygen concentrators have been deployed across the country.

    We are glad to have had this opportunity to play a part in helping India and our community and look forward to participating in other initiatives like this in the future.