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  • What does the ‘Requote’ message mean?

    ‘Requote’ means that the market price of the instrument has changed during the processing of your request. The requested price does not therefore correspond to the current market price. In this case the server automatically returns the message ‘Requote’. This situation can be caused by such factors as:

    • High volatility in the market — trading “on news” or when the market is very active. During such periods, quotes in the charts can change quickly, with many ticks per second.
    • Slow internet connection — for example, if you are connected by a public hotspot or using a dial-up modem, in which case server requests can be lost or take more time than usual.
    • Connecting to a remote data center — it’s worth trying to switch your connection (in the bottom corner of your terminal window) to another data center which might have lower latency.

    * Please note that the requote message appears only in ‘Instant execution’ accounts which are not on Marketplace technology. If your trading account is on Marketplace technology then you will receive a message to your mailbox.